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The April 2016 Geo for All newsletter is available! Check the most recent news and information about events to come. The Lab of the Month is the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD), Nairobi, Kenya!

21/04/2016 11:02

Geo for All Educator Awards 2015

On behalf of the GeoForAll Educator Award Selection Committee, we are pleased to inform all that the Individual and Team Awards for the "GeoForAll - Global Educator of the Year Award 2015" has been announced at the FOSS4G 2015 - Europe "Open Innovation for Europe" conference at Como, Italy on Friday. The award committee had the very difficult task of selecting the GeoForAll Educator of the Year out of the well deserving list of nominees.

Individual award goes to Sterling Quinn (Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA) for his course on "Open Web Mapping" and Team award for Kurt Menke (Birds Eye View) Nate Jennings (Urbandale Spatial), Jon Van Hoesen (Green Mtn College), Rick Smith (Texas A&M,) and Phil Davis, Delmar College (all in USA) for their GeoAcademy development efforts.

This is an opportunity for us to thank all colleagues for their excellent contributions to Openness in Education principles in the Geo domain. Our congratulations to all individuals or teams who received one or more nominations for the 2015 GeoForAll Global Educator of the Year Award. They all are our stars and "Geo for All" community would to like to thank all educators worldwide who have made contributions to open education efforts and being good global citizens by helping spread the benefits of education to all.

In no particular order, the nominees were:


- Daniel Baldwin, Costa Rica International Academy, Costa Rica, for his course on Mapping the Mangroves.
- Phil Davis, DelMar College, Texas, USA for his ongoing leadership and tireless efforts leading the creation of the GeoAcademy.
- Genovevea Laurente, Consultora Calixto, Uruguay and gvSIG Batovi for the course "Sistemas de Informacion Geografica con uso de datos abiertos orientado a la educacion," or in English, "Geographic Information Systems for Education using Open Data".
- Kurt Menke, Bird's Eye View GIS, Alburquerque, NM, USA, for his Introduction to Open Source and Web Mapping course he developed for Central New Mexico Community College.
- Sterling Quinn, Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA, for his course on Open Web Mapping.
- Giorgio Zamboni, Politecnico di Milano, Como campus, Italy for his PoliCrowd: A Social Network App with NASA World Wind.


- Environmental Information Centre GRID-Warsaw; UNEP/GRID Warsaw for their EduGIS Academy.
- Open Source Geospatial Laboratory team at ETH Zurich, Switzerland for their Interactive Web Maps course.
- Shashi Shekhar and Brent Hecht, Computer Science, University of Minnesota, USA for their Massive Open Online Course "From GPS and Google Maps to Spatial Computing".
- Lluis Vicens (SIGTE,Spain), Toni Hernandez (SIGTE, Spain), Jeremy Morley (University of Nottingham,UK), Alberto Romeu (Prodevelop) and Jorge Sanz (Prodevelop) for their GIS Open Source Summer School at the University of Girona in Spain.
- Ricardo Olivira, Raphael Moreno - FOSS4G lab, University of Colorado, Denver USA for their course materials.
- Raquel Sosa, Rosario Casanova and Jorge Franco, for their gvSIG Educa/Batovi effort in Uruguay.
- Kurt Menke - Brids Eye View, Nate Jennings Urbandale Spatial, Jon Van Hoesen Green Mtn College, Rick Smith Texas A&M, and Phil Davis, Delmar College (all in USA) for their GeoAcademy development efforts.


On behalf of the GeoForAll Educator Award Selection Committee

Prof. Charlie Schweik (Award Committee Chair)
Prof. Georg Gartner (President, ICA)
Jeff McKenna (President, OSGeo)
Chen Jun (President, ISPRS)
Prof. Maria Antonia Brovelli (Italy)
Dr. Xinyue Ye (USA)
Dr. Luciene Delazari (Brazil)
Dr. Tuong-Thuy Vu (Malaysia)
Prof. Venkatesh Raghavan (Japan/India)
Prof. Ivana Ivanova (Brazil)
Jeroen Ticheler (The Netherlands)
Dr. Serena Coetzee (South Africa)
Prof. Helena Mitasova (USA)
Anne Ghisla (Germany)
Patrick Hogan (USA)
Dr Suchith Anand (UK/India)

28/03/2016 22:29

ISPRS joins

The "Geo for All" Advisory Board is pleased to welcome ISPRS joining the initiative and looking forward to working together in our common aim to expand geospatial education and opportunities to all. Prof.Chen Jun (ISPRS President), Jeff McKenna (OSGeo President) and Prof. Georg Gartner (ICA President) met during AfricaGEO in Cape Town in July 2014 to discuss future collaboration for GeoforAll and we thank all of them for their vision to expand the initiative for the benefit of the wider community globally and also to make it inclusive as possible. So we are pleased to inform that from 14th July 2014, Geo4All will be ICA, OSGeo and ISPRS initiative.

The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) is a non-governmental organisation devoted to the development of international cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications. Details at

14/07/2014 07:11

Welcome to 75th ICA-OSGeo lab - University of Salzburg

We are pleased to welcome Z_GIS, Department of Geoinformatics, University of Salzburg as our 75th ICA-OSGeo lab. Z_GIS are one of the leading centres of Geospatial education and research globally with over 85 staff and one of the best examples of their global impact and leadership is the distance education initiative offering masters and diploma programmes in Geographical Information Science and Systems through the UNIGIS International Association. They already contribute to Open Source Geo through both their teaching within UNIGIS and MSc in Applied Geoinformatics (e.g. QGIS module) and research (they develop innovative applications based on OSM, application-centric development of sensor web services architectures etc). They also contribute to outreach through FOSS focused workshops at AGIT, GI Forum, etc.

04/07/2014 14:34

NASA World Wind Europa Challenge

The NASA World Wind Europa Challenge aims to inspire ideas for building great applications that serves the INSPIRE Directive and uses NASA's open source virtual globe technology World Wind. The details of the second edition is available here

This Europa challenge is co-organised by Prof. Maria Brovelli and colleagues at Laboratorio di Geomatica, Politecnico di Milano, Italy who are part of our rapidly expanding Geo for All network and we strongly support their excellent initiative. Please encourage your students to apply. You can see last year's winning projects at

13/01/2014 12:54

Building a Global Network

A short article about our research labs written by two of our US colleagues Dr Helena Mitasova (North Carolina State University) and Dr Charles Schweik (University of Massachusetts) is published in August issue of GIM International. Details at

22/10/2013 11:03

"Open Geospatial Science & Applications" webinar series launched

We are pleased to inform that 255 participants from all around the world attended our first webinar. The webinar was on the topic of "OSGeo Live for Education" and delivered by Jeremy Morley (University of Nottingham). Thanks to MundoGeo for providing us the facility and all participants for thier support. We will be making available the recording of the webinar for the benifit of wider community.

22/10/2013 11:02

Welcome to our 50th lab

We are pleased to welcome GIS and Remote Sensing Unit at Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM), Italy as out 50th lab. FEM have strong GIS research and development capabilities and are co-developer of the Open Source Geographical Information System software package GRASS GIS and contribute to further GIS libraries and tools of the OSGeo Foundation projects. Details at
Key contacts are Dr Markus Neteler and Luca Delucchi. Luca also kindly provided us the leaflet map for our new website.

22/10/2013 11:01

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