Welcome to 75th ICA-OSGeo lab - University of Salzburg

We are pleased to welcome Z_GIS, Department of Geoinformatics, University of Salzburg as our 75th ICA-OSGeo lab. Z_GIS are one of the leading centres of Geospatial education and research globally with over 85 staff and one of the best examples of their global impact and leadership is the distance education initiative offering masters and diploma programmes in Geographical Information Science and Systems through the UNIGIS International Association. They already contribute to Open Source Geo through both their teaching within UNIGIS and MSc in Applied Geoinformatics (e.g. QGIS module) and research (they develop innovative applications based on OSM, application-centric development of sensor web services architectures etc). They also contribute to outreach through FOSS focused workshops at AGIT, GI Forum, etc.

Posted 04/07/2014 14:34

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